LandBurro. It's land rentals for the day, week, month or year. You pick your length of stay. It's Airbnb meets land - land on demand. LandBurro is designed to connect people who want to rent their property with people who want to rent it. We enable guests to experience an abundance of outdoor activities on private land such as hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, picnicking, biking, kayaking, etc. while creating meaningful revenue opportunities for landowners. The platform is designed to provide the flexibility that landowners and guests desire - easy, noncommittal and safe. Landowners maintain complete control over their property with the ability to block out dates, set property rules, and outline activities allowed on their property, all while being backed by a $1 million general liability insurance policy. At the same time, guests are able to select the length of stay, budget, location and activities that work best for them. High fives from Boots the Burro!


Create new economic opportunities in rural communities while improving access to land for those who want to spend time outdoors.

Create New Economic Opportunities In Rural Communities
Rural America is the lifeblood of the nation. It’s our main source for food, energy, clean drinking water, clean air, outdoor recreation and home to some of the hardest working, salt of the earth people around. Despite the importance of rural communities to the overall wellbeing of the nation, many rural communities have been left struggling. Economic opportunities in rural America can be scarce given a shortage of jobs due to the gradual shift of industry leaving these areas over the last 50 years. As a result, the population in rural areas is shrinking and recently those same areas are being further harmed by changes in the economy. Having grown up in a small town in Alabama, my desire is strong to pour back into those small communities who poured so much into me during my most formative years. To help offset some of the economic constraints, LandBurro helps monetize rural assets and transform them from economical liabilities to revenue generators. We believe this impact can be far reaching into small towns and communities by creating a spark in agritourism opportunities and sales tax generation through untapped channels on private land, while providing landowners a simple, profitable and ultimately flexible way to earn money on their most prized assets. It’s a win for landowners, outdoor enthusiasts and small towns everywhere.

Improving Access to the Great Outdoors
In small town after small town, parents watch their kids and grandkids leave rural communities because there just is not enough opportunity for them at home. As many have moved away from rural areas to more urban areas for work, the opportunities for land exploration have diminished. Becoming a father has only increased my passion to pass down my love of the outdoors to others. LandBurro creates a unique opportunity to provide simple, affordable and flexible access to private land to get outside and make lasting memories. Our hope is that people will use our platform to share time outdoors to connect with friends and family, discover new experiences, or just find a private place to relax and recharge. Everybody wins when they get to spend time in nature and LandBurro makes that happen.

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In pursuit to make life better.


What is conservation? It’s the careful preservation and protection of our natural resources. Keep the open land open, the green land green, and the farmland farming. We want to prevent future development of our open, forested and farm lands for all to enjoy and benefit from. Every living thing depends on undeveloped land for survival. When the percentage of developed land increases, the amount of space available to grow edible crops, trees, wildlife habitat, clean drinking water, and outdoor recreation decreases. Food, air, animals, water and nature? Yes! Those are all great reasons to support land conservation. How can LandBurro help support land conservation? By creating a consistent revenue stream for the landowner through daily property rentals, it is our hope the need to sell the land for financial or other reasons would be eliminated.


LandBurro was created to make a difference - whether in the life of a landowner, outdoor enthusiast, or child - we’re in pursuit to make your life better.

Growing up in a rural Alabama town, LandBurro founder Dale Brasher had abundant access to land and the outdoors. Grabbing the dogs and heading out on a hike, fishing on a creek bank, or a hunt was a daily habit as it was easy for him to get outside and experience nature on his family land. While he always appreciated the outdoors, he didn’t truly understand that everyone else did not share this experience. Like many from small towns, he moved to an urban area, several hours from home, following college graduation for a job opportunity. Being so far from home, he didn't have the same access to land that he was used to, and he missed it.

In 2019, he relocated to Birmingham with his wife and young son for a career opportunity. Moving to Birmingham put them closer to that family land again and allowed him to have those nature experiences he loved and wanted to share with his wife and kids. The very next year, the 2020 global pandemic hit and most people found themselves confined to their homes. This left many struggling to find joy in their lives due to a poor work/life balance and loss of interaction with others. Dale noticed this occurring with his friends and family and he knew something had to give - this was not sustainable.

Every idea starts with a problem, and in this case, there were two problems. One, the access to private land. Private land access has always been an issue, but the issue was highlighted during the pandemic when people had nowhere to escape and truly social distance and recharge without sharing that space with others. While anyone can enjoy public parks, having access to a private piece of land for your own solitary enjoyment offers a different type of joy. Two, many people lost their jobs because of the shutdown which created a financial struggle for many families, including rural landowners. For over a year, Dale spent days and nights thinking and praying for the right solution and opportunity - then LandBurro was born.

LandBurro: an online marketplace that enables guests to experience virtually any outdoor activity or experience they wish while creating meaningful revenue opportunities for landowners. Others in the market limit the type of outdoor activities that are allowed, but we believe all outdoor activities are important. LandBurro combines Dale’s passions for the outdoors, rural communities and strong desire to make a positive impact on others. It gets people outside, creates a passive income opportunity for rural landowners, and helps people find their joy again.

LandBurro is easy, convenient and noncommittal for all involved. Gone are the days where you have to own land or have that year long hunting club lease to have access to land. Get outside on your terms! With LandBurro, owning land is no longer a financial burden for families, nor do landowners lose the use of their land for the full year due to a long term lease. Make money while making a difference!

The pursuit to make the life of others better doesn’t stop here, at least 10% of LandBurro’s annual profit will be donated every year to non-profits, churches, and other charity groups focused on land conservation, rural communities, children well-being and mental health.


What is a legacy? Essentially, a legacy is making an impact that will last long after you are gone. Everyone you have ever heard of but have never met has left some sort of legacy. Sometimes the legacy is left through money, real estate, work ethic, or simply through the people who live beyond you. It’s never too late to start building your legacy.

LandBurro wants to help you build your legacy of sharing, having an entrepreneurial spirit, land conservation and being a good steward. By listing your land or experience on LandBurro, you can change the world for your loved ones and the guests who visit. Financially, LandBurro can be that extra stream of income that helps you pay for everyday expenses, or help pay for milestones like college tuition or weddings, or give you the ability to give more to those in need. By allowing others to access your land, you’re allowing families, both near and far, to make lifelong memories, grow a love for the outdoors, and share your love for your property.

Guests can also use LandBurro to build a legacy. Spending time with those you love in nature ensures you make memories that will never be forgotten. Try a new experience. Explore a different area of your state. Take a road trip and hit several different bookings. Pass on a love for outdoor activities, an active lifestyle, and quality family time. This legacy could be for your own benefit or you can pay it forward. Make a booking and invite a friend who's been going through a rough time, or your children's friends who don't have the ability to spend time in nature.


The burro is the ideal representative for our company. Burros possess all of the characteristics we strive to be as a company - loyal, strong, protective, resilient, quirky. Dating back to Biblical times, burros have been workers with the ability to carry twice their body weight. They’ve plowed the fields, carried supplies and cargo for traders and campers, toted hunters, been used in war to rescue wounded soldiers, and served as a means of transportation through varying terrains. They have the ability to survive in challenging environments and protect themselves from potential threats. How does that translate to LandBurro? Like the burro, we want to be strong, loyal, and protective of our landowners, guests and our company values. We want to be resilient with the capacity to adapt and adjust to new situations and conditions. While these are important, we also want to be a fun and quirky company. After all, LandBurro is just a large collection of land to enjoy!

Boots! Our jovial, outdoor loving, big eared, and quirky face of the company, Boots the burro, is your guide to all things outdoors. Kick back, relax, and let Boots help you plan the best adventures of your life! Boots is featured in our logo from his “good side” because he's always on the go and ready for his next adventure! Follow Boots for your next family outing, hunt, hike, hay ride or any other outdoor fun.

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