1What is LandBurro?

LandBurro is designed to connect people who want to rent their property with people who want to rent it - short term rentals for land, experiences and lodging. We enable Guests to experience an abundance of outdoor activities on private land such as hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, picnicking, biking, kayaking, etc. while creating meaningful revenue opportunities for landowners. The platform is designed to provide the flexibility that landowners and Guests desire - easy, noncommittal and safe. LandHosts maintain complete control over their property with the ability to block out dates, set property rules, and outline activities allowed on their property, all while being backed by a $1 million general liability insurance policy. At the same time, Guests are able to select the length of stay, budget, location and activities that work best for them.

2Why LandBurro?

Landburro makes land sharing easy, enjoyable, and safe. It’s free to list your property and free to sign up. We allow daily rentals for land, experiences, lodging and are proud to be the home to the largest selection of outdoor activities and experiences of any marketplace in the U.S. Others limit the type of outdoor activities that are allowed, but we believe all outdoor activities are important. LandBurro maintains a smart messaging system so hosts and Guests can communicate with certainty, and manages a trusted platform through Stripe and/or PayPal to collect and transfer payments.

3Who can list on LandBurro?

Before you list your property or experience, please ensure that your property helps people interact with nature. Properties in subdivided neighborhoods and urban areas do not fit LandBurro’s mission. The minimum lot size for any property is two (2) contiguous acres of land. That could be a camp site on 2 acres, a hunting site on 100 acres, a petting zoo on 5 acre, a cabin on 25 acres, or a few acres of timberland that allows people to get out and explore. LandHosts maintain complete control over their property with the ability to block out dates, set property rules, and outline activities allowed on their property, all while being backed by a $1 million general liability insurance policy.

4What listings or activities are allowed?

LandBurro strives to provide easy access to land by connecting landowners to landusers, including overnight rentals. Yes, LandHosts can list homes, or other lodging as long as the 2 acre minimum is met! We are proud to be the home to the largest selection of outdoor activities and experiences of any marketplace in the U.S. LandBurro allows the LandHost to decide what activities are allowed. All LEGAL outdoor activities are welcomed and encouraged at LandBurro. Want to lead others in activities you love? Sure! List your experience on LandBurro today and start earning today.

5What activities are NOT allowed?

First and foremost, LandBurro doesn’t allow illegal activities and other behaviors that could harm our community. Every LandHost is expected to know and abide by all federal, state and local laws, regulations and ordinances. If you see a listing that violates a LandBurro Expectation, or a law, regulation or ordinance, contact us immediately. We're here to help If you or someone else feels threatened or unsafe or suspect illegal activities are occurring, please first contact local law enforcement authorities for assistance. Additionally, if you witness or experience behavior that goes against our policies, please let us know.

6Can I do whatever I want on the land?

No. Each LandHost sets permissible activities for his/her property. Furthermore, the availability of certain Accommodations, Experiences, and Events may vary throughout the calendar year based on federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations governing certain sporting and recreational activities. Guests are obligated to follow the property boundaries, guidelines set by the LandHost, and any and all applicable federal, state and local laws.

7What does it pay to refer a friend to LandBurro?

You can earn both BurroBucks and CASH! You earn BurroBucks by sharing your special LandBurro link or code with your friends. When they complete their first booking as a Guest, then you will each get $10 BurroBucks. These BurroBucks can be applied to any future LandBurro booking. If you refer a LandHost to LandBurro, you AND the LandHost will both receive $100 in CASH after the LandHost completes its first booking.

8Does LandBurro allow Hunting?

Yes! At LandBurro, we believe hunting plays a vital role in ensuring a healthy, functioning environment for all to enjoy from one generation to the next. Hunters are expected to be responsible and be good stewards of properties they rent. They are to follow all federal, state and local laws. LandBurro nor the property owners are responsible for enforcement of these laws.

9I use LandBurro to Hunt… can I scout the property first?

LandBurro does not allow free scouting on any of our listings. If you desire to scout property prior to hunting, you will need to book extra days to accommodate for the scouting.

10Can I book instantly, or does the LandHost need to confirm first?

Each LandHost will choose whether to allow instant booking. The listing will provide whether a listing is instant or requires the LandHost’s approval. As a LandHost, if you choose to use the instant booking feature and feel uncomfortable about the process or Guest, reach out to us to discuss next steps.

11What is the LandBurro Cancellation Policy?

As a Guest, canceling at least 24 hours before your check in time ensures your full refund, minus LandBurro fees. Canceling within 24 hours of check in will forfeit all monies paid. As a LandHost, canceling at least 7 days prior to a Guest check in does not result in penalties, minus LandBurro fees. Barring any extenuating circumstances, the LandHost will be responsible for compensating LandBurro for any processing fees already incurred. Canceling anytime less than 7 days may cause a fee to be charged against future listings. If a LandHost demonstrates a pattern of canceling appointments, LandBurro reserves the right to cancel, deactivate, or freeze a listing until the issue is resolved. However, there will be no penalty from any cancellations related to warranted circumstances as determined by LandBurro. Examples include natural disasters (flooding, wildfires), COVID-19 related cancellations, and when Guests request that you cancel on their behalf. LandBurro reserves the right to cancel any reservation at any time for any reason.

12How long can I book a listing?

Each LandHost sets the parameter for the length of the booking allowed. Most LandHosts are flexible with lengths of stay, and some will allow for a discount on extended leases (greater than a two week time period). All of those details should be found on the listing. If you have a question about a listing, please reach out to the LandHost.

13What does it cost to list my land on LandBurro?

Nothing! LandBurro is free to sign up and list your property. Once someone books and pays for their booking, LandBurro will take a 10% fee from that booking.

14What are LandBurro fees?

LandBurro charges a flat 10% fee from the Guest and a flat 10% fee from the LandHost. That fee includes a 3% payment processing fee that goes directly to Stripe, our secure payment processor, 24 hour technical support, $1 million of insurance liability coverage for LandHosts, and overhead fees.

15How do LandHosts get paid?

On a weekly basis, LandBurro will push out payments for completed bookings. LandHosts can choose to receive payouts to their bank accounts or to their PayPal accounts.

16What does the LandHost Liability Insurance include?

LandBurro provides $1million in general liability insurance coverage for each LandHost which protects you for up to $1 million for general liability claims per occurrence in the event of injury or property damage.

17Do I need to use my real name on my LandBurro profile?

Yes. When creating a LandBurro profile, you must use your real name and not a pseudonym, your initials, or anything else other than your legal full name. LandBurro is a marketplace built on the honor system and this is where it starts. Privacy is very important to us and we will only share your first name and last initial on your public profile. If your profile is reported to us for not using a full or real name, we will contact you directly to correct it. LandBurro reserves the right to cancel bookings for those who don’t follow this policy.

18How can I make my land more attractive to renters?

To grow your rental business often means making a financial investment in your property. While this is still true at LandBurro, you can also grow it simply by allowing more activities on your listing or increased maintenance such as bush hogging to clear some trails. Other ways to make your land more attractive would be to add a lodging option, a restroom facility, rv hookup, plant green fields, install a fire pit, clear a designated camping area, add hammocks, deer stands or a rope swing at the creek to name a few. Contact us at info@LandBurro.com if you have more questions about making improvements to your property. We’d love to talk with you!

19If allowing hunting or fishing on my property, am I responsible for making sure the hunter or fisherman have a license?

LandHosts are not required to verify that hunters and fishermen are properly licensed. The LandBurro platform is built on the honor system, and we expect all activities being performed on our listings to be in a lawful way. Guests are responsible for adhering to all applicable federal, state and local codes and ordinances.

20Do I need to notify LandBurro if my Guest is a no show?

No. The Guest’s card is charged when the reservation is made and we do not refund no shows.

21When can I hunt? Can I hunt at night?

Legal hunting hours must be observed per the government agency’s laws and regulations. Check with the appropriate government agencies to find out what applies to your trip. Some hunting may be authorized by law at night. You should specify a rule on your listing if you want to allow legal, nighttime hunting. Other hunting hours may be regulated as well.

22What if I need a category or option not currently provided?

If you need a category, option or selection that is not currently provided, please reach out to us at info@LandBurro.com. We are constantly looking to improve and love your suggestions.

23Can you help setup my listing?

Yes! LandBurro will be happy to help you create a listing. Please contact us info@LandBurro.com.

24I’m not very good at taking photos for my listing. What can I do?

Contact us at info@landburro.com. We may send someone out to help you with those photos!

25Can I bring Guests?

Yes! We encourage you to bring Guests with you to get outside. Simply enter the total number of people that will be joining you when booking your trip. LandHosts have the ability to set the total number of people allowed on their property so every property may differ. Always follow the LandHost rules.

26How do I know when Guests will be visiting my property?

LandHosts have the option to be alerted via app, text, call, email. You can also view your upcoming reservations at any time on the website and app.

27Are campfires allowed?

Yes, we love a good campfire! However, each LandHost has the ability to allow fires on their property or not. Just check individual listings to see if they are allowed. There may be times where there are local burn bans so check your local warnings at the forestry commission before burning.

28Do you allow hunting or fishing on LandBurro properties?

Absolutely! LandHosts set the activities allowed on their property so check the individual listings. Guests are required to follow all Local, State and Federal laws, including hunting and fishing licenses.

29Do I have to meet with the LandHost when checking in or checking out?

That’s up to the LandHost. Most properties don’t require meeting, it’s a simple check-in, check-out via the app or website. You can request meeting them via the in-app or website messaging system.

30What are check-in and check-out times?

Check-in and Check-out times are set by the LandHosts, but the typical and suggested LandBurro Check-in time is 4 AM and typical Check-out time is 11 PM. If you want to stay overnight, you would have to book 2 days.

31What do I do if there’s an emergency?

Local emergency contacts are typically provided by the LandHost when you book at LandBurro. If not, please have any relevant numbers stored prior to visiting the property. Guests are encouraged to have these numbers on hand in the rare event they are needed.

32What if I have a negative experience?

Before leaving negative feedback, please reach out to your LandHost to see if they can offer a solution to any problem you may have. If your LandHost isn’t able to satisfy your concerns, contact LandBurro by phone or email for further assistance.

33How old do I have to be to book or list on LandBurro?

Users must be 19 or older in order to create an account on LandBurro.