Guest Expectations

Our Guest Expectations outline the basics of how to be a goodGuest.This list is not exhaustive, and Boots the Burro asks that you remember to use common sense and treat others and their property as you would like your property to be treated.

First and foremost, Boots expects guests to follow and adhere to all local rules and ordinances, and to abide by the rules and guidelines set by the LandHost. Each Guest is expected to have read the specific rules set by the LandHost for that property, and, by booking the property, the Guest agrees to abide by said rules.

Basic Guest Guidelines:

  • Be responsive: Reply to messages and calls within 24 hours. Communication is key. For changes to your booking, additional information or feedback message your LandHost in advance of your trip.
  • Respect the rules: Follow the property rules and allowed activities set forth by the LandHost. If you have a question about the rules, message the host for further clarification.
  • Check-in time: Respect the LandHost’s check-in time. When possible, let them know your estimated arrival time. If you want to check-in before the indicated check-in time on the listing, it needs to be discussed with and approved by the host first.
  • Be prepared: Before setting out on an outdoor journey, it’s always best to be prepared. Review your LandHost’s listing details, rules, and other relevant info. Review any safety warnings, potential hazards and emergency contacts.
  • Directions to the property: Due to the rural nature of properties offered at LandBurro, LandHosts often provide detailed directions to access their property that GPS may not be able to describe. Try to make sure you have your arrival instructions and any contact info needed prior to your arrival as some of our properties don’t have great cell service.
  • Avoid cancelations: We understand things come up that force cancellations but honor your booking when possible. If a situation arises that requires you to cancel, adhere to the cancellation policy.
  • Treat all LandHosts with respect: Be kind. When interacting with LandHosts, we encourage guests to be respectful in all situations.
  • Respect the property: we expect our guests to treat every property better than your own belongings. Our LandHosts have been gracious enough to open up their most prized possessions….so please respect the property. Leave it like you found it. If the gate is shut, then leave it SHUT. If you create trash while on site, pick it up. If the only parking is at the entrance, don’t drive throughout onto the property. Don’t rut up the fields with ATV or trucks unless okayed ahead of time.
  • Cleanliness: Refer to your arrival instructions provided by the LandHost for information regarding the disposal of trash. Some properties provide a way(s) to dispose of garbage on site which could include composting or recycling, while others will require that you take it with you. Prior to leaving the property, check and pickup any trash, food, and other litter produced by you and your guests so that you leave the land like you found it.
  • Pets: We love pets at LandBurro! However, pets are not allowed on properties designated as “no pets” unless the pet is a certified service animal. Furthermore, guests cannot bring more pets than are approved or fail to inform LandHost that you will be bringing a pet(s). Always keep your pets under control, prevent damage or harm from pets, and keep them as quiet as possible during overnight stays. Check further direction by the LandHost on your trip confirmation page
  • Checkout time: Respect the LandHost’s check-out time for the property. Use the app or website to complete your check-out. Guests shall not leave personal items at the property past the checkout time for later pickup unless approved by the LandHost.
  • Key return: When applicable, guests should return any keys to the LandBurro listing by the checkout time.
  • Leave feedback: After checkout, get on the app or website and leave positive feedback for the listing. If you had any issues during your trip, always message the LandHost first to give them the opportunity to respond and/or offer a solution. If you don’t receive suitable help, please contact LandBurro and we will assist you further.
  • Earn positive ratings: be a LandHost favorite! LandHosts are able to review you based on your treatment of their property and any interactions with you. Build a great LandBurro reputation with positive reviews.

Health, Safety and Welfare

Emergency procedures

Contact info

  • Other than 911, store any relevant local emergency numbers and the location of the nearest hospital prior to your trip. This information is provided by your LandHost..

Fire Safety

  • Help prevent forest fires. If there’s a burn ban in your area, no fire will be allowed. LandBurro and LandHosts will work to inform you of any limitations in your area.

Entry, Exits and other pertinent signage

  • LandHosts have been encouraged to provide wayfinding signage on their property to help guests navigate their property safely. When applicable, always study the provided maps prior to your arrival to familiarize yourself with entry and exits, hazards, property boundaries, etc.

Minimize hazards


  • LandHosts have been encouraged to disclose any game cameras or other video surveillance on the property.


  • Respect the approved number of guests. LandHosts have chosen the maximum number of guests allowed on the property with guest safety in mind. If you need to change this number please contact the LandHost at least 24 hours prior to your check-in time.


  • We hope you enjoy your trip, but to borrow some words from your mom “be safe out there!”

  • Review your trip information from your LandHost for any potential dangers on the land or lodging.

  • Review your trip information from your LandHost for any structures or equipment on the property that is NOT to be used by guests.

  • Make sure you understand what activities are allowed on the property you have booked prior to arrival. Always assume an activity is not allowed unless specified in the listing as approved.

Hello, Neighbor (is this thing on?)

Noise restrictions

  • Be mindful of others when enjoying your time outdoors. Chances are you're in the middle of nowhere and your nearest neighbor is a lonesome whip-poor-will, but always respect the LandBurro quiet hours of 10:00pm to 5:00am unless night hunting is allowed on site. See your trip information for further clarification.


  • Respect the privacy of others including neighboring properties.

Set clear rules and expectations for pets

  • We welcome and encourage LandHosts to allow pets on their property, but guests must understand there’s a responsibility that comes with that. Check the listing prior to booking for specific information on the type of pets allowed and any rules or expectations for that specific listing. At a minimum, guests must never lose sight of your pets, keep them from causing damage to property or others, and respect quiet hours.

Dispose of garbage, recycling, and compost responsibly.

  • Don't be trashy! For guidance on how to dispose of your trash view your trip information. If provided the option, please recycle or compost. Follow applicable Leave No Trace guidelines at

Have fun and enjoy your experience in nature!

  • Our hope is that people will use our platform to share time outdoors to connect with friends and family, discover new experiences, or just find a private place to relax and recharge. Go make memories that will last a lifetime!