LandHost Expectations

Boots wants every LandHost to have a positive experience, and expects every LandHost to abide by the following rules and expectations. As always, this list is not exhaustive, and Boots asks that you use common sense and treat guests as you would want to be treated when booking another listing. LandBurro has provided these standards to assist LandHosts in providing guests a positive experience and facilitating a successful business for landowners. Hosting can be a rewarding experience, but comes with great responsibility.

Listing Requirements

To list your property on LandBurro, your property must meet these minimum requirements:
  • Minimum lot size of 2 contiguous acres. Before you list your property or experience, please ensure that your property helps people interact with nature. Properties in subdivided neighborhoods and urban areas do not fit LandBurro’s mission to get Guests outside.
  • Vacant land, Glamp, Tent, Cabin, House, Experience
  • If property is within a city limits, landowners are responsible for ensuring all local codes and ordinances are met.
  • Experiences: we welcome experiences of all kinds on our marketplace - from amateurs to businesses. If you offer an opportunity to experience something outdoors, you're welcome at LandBurro.

Basic Host Guidelines:

  • Be responsive: Reply to messages and trip requests within 24 hours

  • Provide accurate listings: Guest expectations are set from descriptions and photos. Provide clear, accurate and detailed descriptions and directions to and on the property.

  • Accept booking requests: Accept requests whenever your property is available. Consider activating instant booking.

  • Avoid canceling on guests: LandHosts are expected to honor all bookings when possible. If a situation arises that would require cancellation, communicate effectively with the guest.

  • Treat all guests with respect: when interacting with guests, we encourage LandHosts to be kind and respectful in all situations.

  • Be helpful: for most guests this will be the first time to yourproperty so offer them any tips you can to help them enjoy theirexperience.A good first experience often results in a return trip

  • Ask for feedback: When possible, greet guests via message prior to arrival and answer any questions they may have. After checkout, reach back out to guests and ask for any constructive feedback that could’ve made their experience better.

  • Earn positive ratings: Your success as a LandHost is dictated by feedback and reviews. Reviews can help or hurt you.

Health, Safety and Welfare

Emergency procedures

Contact info

  • Other than 911, provide any relevant local emergency numbers and the location of the nearest hospital. This could be provided on your listing and/or on your property.

Fire Safety

  • Help prevent forest fires. If there’s a burn ban in yourarea,makeyour guests aware of it. We will do our part to inform you and guests as well.

Entry, Exits and other pertinent signage

  • Wayfinding signage would be helpful in ensuring the guests are able to navigate your property safely.

Minimize hazards


  • Always be sensitive to your guests' privacy. Disclose whether there are cameras on your property. LandHosts must meet all related federal, state, and local laws.


  • LandHosts are responsible for establishing the amount of guests allowed on your property. When setting the number allowed, safety should be your number one priority. Check your local government for any occupancy regulations, although most properties at LandBurro are rural and will have no local restrictions.


  • Guest safety should be your biggest priority.

  • Inform guests of any potential dangers on your land or in yourhome. Remove or lock up anything that may be hazardous where possible.

  • Clearly describe in detail and location any structures or equipment on the property that is NOT to be used by guests (examples: deer stands, barns, houses, trailers, boats, etc).

  • Be clear and specific about activities allowed on property/listing..

Hello, Neighbor

Keep your neighbors happy.

Inform your neighbors

  • Let your neighbors know of your plans to rent your property, especially those with property that share borders with you. Consider letting them know that there could be new people onyourpropertyin the near future and encourage them to share feedback with you. Invite your neighbors to join you at LandBurro and list their property too! It takes a village to make a difference in a community and you can be the catalyst!

Noise restrictions

  • Encourage guests to be mindful of others when using your property. LandBurro quiet hours are from 10:00pm to 5:00am unless night hunting is allowed on site.

Set clear rules and expectations for pets

  • We welcome and encourage LandHosts to allow pets on your property, but guests must understand there’s a responsibility that comes with that. Be specific on the type of pets allowed and set clear rules and expectations for them. Guests must never lose sight of them, keep them from causing damage to property or others, and respect quiet hours.

Dispose of garbage, recycling, and compost responsibly.

  • Make your trash policies very clear to your guests. Provide guidance on how they should dispose of their garbage on site or let them know that they should take all trash with them. If possible, try providing the option to recycle or compost

Be a good citizen

Pay all relevant taxes

Depending on your local laws, you may be required to pay taxes on income earned via LandBurro. The following may apply:
  • Income tax: LandHosts who earn more than $20,000 and 200 bookings from LandBurro in the course of one calendar year will receive a 1099 form from LandBurro. These documents are sent electronically by default, but it’s also possible to request them by mail.

  • Lodging/Occupancy Tax: This type of tax is targeted at those on LandBurro offering overnight stays. This is regulated differently in every state, county, and city so verify that you’re compliant with all local laws. If you determine that you must collect this fee from guests, you can add it onto your listing settings via your admin panel. You will be responsible for paying the taxes to your local government

  • All other applicable taxes and regulations: Check your local codes and regulations. There could be state, county, or local laws that regulate or even prohibit listing your property on LandBurro if it offers overnight stays. This is typically not the case with LandBurro properties as most properties listed on LandBurro are rural properties without regulations. Check zoning codes, building codes, and county ordinances to see if any regulations are applicable to your property. LandHosts who find that there are regulations limiting or preventing you from listing your property, please contact LandBurro at and we would love to contact your local government on your behalf for clarification or future amendments to those laws.

Have fun and enjoy your experience in nature!

  • Our hope is that people will use our platform to share time outdoors to connect with friends and family, discover new experiences, or just find a private place to relax and recharge. Go make memories that will last a lifetime!